“YUM!” Recipes tweaked to Your Unique Mouth

Pam is a “Foodie” and passionate about cooking. She’s constantly in the kitchen creating new recipes, and tweaking them until they make you say "YUM!". For Pam, the phrase "YUM!" has a much deeper meaning: Recipes tweaked to Your Unique Mouth. After years of helping people with their diet, Pam’s learned everyone has their own specific tastes. She decided to write a series of E-Cookbooks filled with recipes that are quick and easy to make, healthy and delicious. The recipes are tailored for Your UniqueMouth by giving loads of great options to tweak each recipe with flavors you'll love! Pam has an E-Cookbook for every craving. You will find nutrition information for many of the recipes to keep you eating healthy. These cookbooks are sure to bring you inspiration with every “byte".

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