Decadently Delicious Cooking Classes

LOVE to cook, LOVE your food, LOVE yourself.
Make it and take it!  

Pam’s classes are a “semi-catering service”.

Please bring containers to carry all of the food home with you.



I teach privately for one or two people, OR grab a group of friends to join in. Cooking classes cost $55.00 per person (for 2 or more).


Pam now hosts “Cooking Parties” for your private group.

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“YUM!”  Recipes tweaked to Your Unique Mouth

Cooking Classes offered:

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"Pam Vagnieres provides a great combination of nutritional knowledge and hands on expertise for making that knowledge real in one's own life. Working with Pam has opened my eyes to ways of cooking and eating that have changed my life and that of my family's, one step at a time. With Pam, it is not about denying oneself. Through her cooking classes, one learns that eating really well can also taste really, really good."


Decadently Delicious!

The bottom line is, if you don’t LOVE your food, you won’t eat it.  We’ll take basic healthy ingredients and turn them into meals you can’t wait to eat.  No matter what dietary plan you are following, there are decadently delicious ways to prepare the food. Let me show you how!

Be Creative!

I’ve been practicing nutrition and teaching cooking classes for 15 years.  I learned very quickly that everyone has different taste preferences.   You have to create recipes YOU will LOVE.  Learn to be creative in the kitchen, tweeking recipes to suit your own specific tastes. 

Quick and Easy!

Pam will show you how to make cooking quick and easy again.  Using a few cool tools you may not know exist, you can literally save hours in the kitchen.  When cooking is fast and efficient, you will LOVE it! 


Three things motivate people when it comes to food.  Taste is number one, making it quickly is number two (that’s why we gravitate to fast food!), and nutrition is number three.  We DO all want to eat healthy, but if it’s not delicious, and quick to grab, we won’t eat it!   Pam’s cooking classes will motivate you in all of these ways.


Learn about the benefits of nutritious food as we cook!  I LOVE teaching people about the fascinating nutritional properties of food.  Learning the phytochemicals in broccoli and lemon zest help turn off cancer genes, motivates me to eat broccoli with lemon pesto sauce instead of a Twinkie!  Especially if I can make it taste fabulous!



LOVE to cook, LOVE your food, LOVE yourself.