“I've learned so much from you and feel so good about moving into the future being equipped with such great information.”

“A happy, healthy employee is a safe and effective employee!”










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Wellness programs I can offer your employees:
6 Wellness Presentations:​.



•  Back to the Basics:  Re-Balancing the Body with Nutrition 

•  The 12 Most Important Foods Everyone Should Eat  

•  What We Shouldn’t Eat, and What We Should Eat Instead 

•  Indecent Exposure:  Excitotoxins, Hidden Dangers in our Food 

•  Is Gluten Good for YOU?  It’s not just a food allergy



•  Hormonally Balanced Exercise:  Is your exercise program building you up or breaking you down?

$285 for 1.5 hour power point presentation.

Please provide powerpoint projector and operable cords.

Nutrition/Cooking Demo/Presentations:

  • MAKE YOUR OWN PROTEIN BARS: Fast, Inexpensive, Easy and the Best! 

  • SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS BEANS: 6 Easy, Fast and Delicious Bean Dishes 

  • VEGGIES: How to make them quick, easy and delicious, NOT boring! 

  • SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS LEAFY GREENS:  Kale chips, salads and sautes! 

  • GREAT GRAINS:  3 fabulous dishes from one pot of whole grain 

  • HEALTHY, FAST AND TASTY SNACK IDEAS!  New, different and fun! 

  • THERAPEUTIC SWEETS:  Heal the gut, no sugar, sweet and satisfying 

  • Tons more topics available upon request.


$260 PLUS food costs.  Demos are one hour and include:


Safety and Injury Prevention Slide Presentations:

  • Back School Slide Presentation: 

  Using Safe Body Mechanics in Work and Everyday Situations 

  • Structured Fidgeting: 

  Safe and Effective Stretches for Injury Prevention


$285 for 1.5 hour power point presentation.

Please provide slide projector and operable cords.

Complimentary care-based digital health program


Healthy Care


Employees can have access to healthy eating, stress reduction techniques and effective exercises at their fingertips. 


This program offers healthy recipes, meal plans, cooking videos, exercise videos to help prevent work related cumulative trauma injuries, guided meditation videos and podcasts to reduce stress, health tips, wellness articles, and a forum to ask health professionals questions directly.


The convenience of this program is what makes it appealing.  Subscribers can access all of this at home on their own schedule.  It saves them time and there is no need to travel to appointments or classes.


Please contact Pam for cost and discounts for your employees.  


Fees can be paid by employees, through a Flex or Health Savings Accounts, or as part of your company’s wellness program. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates