LOVE your exercise, LOVE yourself.




BS in Dance, University of Colorado, 1983

MS in Sports Medicine, Chapman College, 1988

MNT in Nutrition, Nutrition Institute of Colorado, 2004

Pam Vagnieres has lived in Colorado for 28 years. She has turned her passions into a career. Pam works with clients on therapeutic exercise programs designed to strengthen or prevent specific injuries, as well as general fitness programs which include core conditioning, balance, kinesthetic, proprioceptive training, and sport specific training; all using creatively designed, functional exercises that train the whole body into correct alignment. In the last 19 years, she has successfully helped thousands of people recover from an injury, get into shape and feel great!


OFFICE APPOINTMENTS:                

Single Session:  $93.00/hr     (4% discount cash/checks = $89.00)



Five sessions: $410.00          (4% discount cash/checks = $395)

This rate is $70 discounted off regular rate


Ten sessions: $780.00           (4% discount cash/checks = $750)

This rate is $180 discounted off regular rate


Call Pam for an appointment today:  303-665-7992


“I’m writing to simply say thanks for the kind impact you have made on my life.  I value the exercises you gave me and even more, I treasure the laughs and honest talks we shared.  Thank you for listening to my worries and offering encouragement and hope.  I admire the way you lead your life- both personally and professionally.  You are such a great Mom to your son and a wonderful health care practitioner.  I am grateful to know you.”


We've got to truly LOVE the exercise we do.  If we don't, it simply becomes another "thing we must do”.
General Fitness Programs 

Pam will design an individualized well rounded exercise program for you.  This program can be done at a gym, in your home, or outdoors; whatever suits you best.  The fitness program includes cardio, strengthening, flexibility, interval and core training, even balance and coordination exercises.

Sport Performance 

These programs are designed for athletes needing a performance edge.  Programs are also designed to prevent injury in mid-high level training programs.  Pam works with Professional and Olympic level athletes as well as “week-end warriors”.  Pam can also help with Sports Nutrition.

Dance Performance and Injury Prevention

Pam completed her degree in Dance at the University of Colorado in 1983.  From there she acquired a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine.  She put this knowledge to work helping dancers train smarter, become stronger quicker, and prevent injury.  She has taught at the Colorado Dance Festival for many years and helped dancers stay strong and healthy.  Nutrition for dancers is also available.

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis 

Exercise programs designed to slow the progression of bone and cartilage degeneration.  Pam will also address this with nutritional interventions.

Injury Rehabilitation 

After an injury or surgery you may need additional support to get you back to pre-injury strength and function.  Pam has over 6 years experience working at Coreance Physical Rehabilitation Center.  She will get you back on your feet again.


Exercise Programs for people with disabilities include neurologic, balance and proprioceptive training, as well as addressing strength, cardio and flexibility.

Gym Visits

Pam will come with you and help set you up on a program at your gym or recreation center.


“Pam’s exercise programs are intelligent and feel gentle yet effective.  The exercise program Pam gave me reduced my pain, increased my range of motion, and made me strong enough to return to my activities following my injury! " 


We've got to truly LOVE the exercise we do.  If we don't, it simply becomes another "thing we must do”.