Cooking Classes

"My dad and I worked with Pam for a cooking lesson so that he could learn some basic kitchen skills and I could learn a little something as well. Pam was great! Not only did we get a lesson on some basic and easy dishes explained in a patient yet fun way (my dad has really never cooked before), but it was educational as well regarding nutrition and some healthier alternatives to common ingredients. She has changed some of my cooking patterns in just one session. We both learned a lot, had a super fun time and are looking forward to our next lesson. She has many excellent topics to choose from. I definitely recommend her without reservation!"


Exercise Consultation

“I’m writing to simply say thanks for the kind impact you have made on my life. I value the exercises you gave me and even more, I treasure the laughs and honest talks we shared. Thank you for listening to my worries and offering encouragement and hope. I admire the way you lead your life- both personally and professionally. You are such a great Mom to your son and a wonderful health care practitioner. I am grateful to know you.”


Cooking Classes

"Loved the cooking class. My husband and I took a cooking class elswhere that consisted of 5 classes, each about 6 hours long.  It was french style cooking filled with butter and cream. We were trying to get out of a food rut. But you and your classes helped us so much more than any fancy french techniques, especially since we aren't looking to become chefs, and have always been into healthy alternatives. Please take this as a major compliment. Just what the doctor ordered!"
Fondly, Carrie

Referring Doctor 

"Adopting a heathy diet is one of the most profound health promoting steps one can take. Pam is an expert at combining good nutrition, creativity and delicious meals! Her approach is organized, well presented and easily understood, even by neophytes to healthy eating. Pam makes transitioning to a healthy diet easy and fun!"

Dr. Wilson

Weight Loss

“When I first met Pam I was 218 pounds. I had reached a weight higher than I could ever imagine. After several extreme diets, fertility treatments, divorce and trauma I was at an all time low. Not only was I overweight, but 40+ and single. I was eating very healthy, so I thought, and came to find out... I was starving myself and destroying my metabolism. Through patient counseling and direction, Pam was able to finally get through to me. Her methods of lifestyle changes really work and I am living proof. It took courage and time but after 2 years of diligently making small changes, I was able to lose 65 pounds and get back to the weight I was when I was 30 and single.

I love her cooking classes and recipes. They have changed my life, and my family’s. I will never be able to thank Pam enough for her work with me. She has been a huge emotional support, and is priceless.”


Auto-immune Disorder

"I have been seeing Pam for almost 2 years. I have been suffering with multiple autoimmune conditions for many years that have baffled doctors and have found very little relief. From the very beginning of being under Pam's care, she has been caring, insightful, and incredibly resourceful in helping me manage and even improve my condition and quality of life. She is incredibly knowledgeable and full of resources within the realms of nutrition, exercise, and cooking for specific conditions/diets. I cannot recommend her highly enough."                                               


Cancer and Adrenal Fatigue

"Pam's nutritional and exercise knowledge and experience has been a tremendous asset in helping me thru my cancer and just recently adrenal imbalance...she has patiently listened to my tears of joy, being mad at life and all the aches and pains...helping both nutritionally and with exercise... most of all been there when I needed her....everyone needs life changes and Pam knows ALL the secrets."


General Wellness 

"I have been working with Pam Vagnieres and her Nutri-Physique Nutrition and Exercise programs for several years. I found Pam through her healthy cooking classes, they are fantastic! You learn to cook healthy, amazing meals, while getting the nutritional information about the foods you eat via lecture and handouts, including lots of fabulous recipes. Pam literally spoon feeds you the best and latest nutritional information available in a way that is interesting, fun and critical if you want to be on a healthy path. You learn so much about what you should and shouldn't eat, it will truly change your life! She also offers private nutrition consultations and exercise programs that are tailored to each individual's needs. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is seeking the most current information on nutrition, help preparing healthy, delicious meals, and nutrition and exercise programs all leading to living a healthier way of life!"


Pre- and Post-Surgery

“Through my work with Pam I’ve become much healthier in my habits as well as more attuned to my body's needs. A strong case in point was preparing for a recent major surgery. The specific supplements and dietary habits prescribed by Pam were essential in building up my strength and immune system prior to my 8 hour surgical procedure. Of equal importance was the effect of Pam’s diet and supplement regiment on my ability to quickly recover thus dramatically shortening my hospital stay and subsequent convalescence at home.“


Eating Disorders

“Pam changed my life! I love Pam! Hurray!”
16 year old with an eating disorder

“You are my daughter’s lifesaver…and mine too! We both love you and can’t wait to learn more!”
(Mother of daughter w/eating disorder)